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Fangirly Burn Notice musing: Michael's/Jeff Donovan's scar...

OK, so I have a confession to make. I'm a scar person. I notice scars. I appreciate them pretty much the same way I appreciate any body modification - more so, sometimes, because they get the storyteller in me wondering how they happened - what the history behind them is, in a way I don't always do for tats or piercings.

So the whole way through the first couple of seasons of Burn Notice, I found myself fixating on Michael's scar. The fact that they actually *made* it a plot point (well, at least a characterisation point) meant I was reasonably primed to notice it whenever the left side of his face was in focus.

And every time, I found myself wondering if the scar was real. I figured it was probably makeup of some sort because I'm sure I remember reading somewhere that Jeff Donovan spent a lot of his early career modelling, and I suspect you probably couldn't model with a facial scar (although, hey, I may be totally wrong there).

But then someone posted this pic of Mr Donovan, and no, you can clearly see the scar there. Which not only makes me fangirl the gentleman in question even more, it also makes me dead curious to find out how he got it.

IMDB is silent on this matter... I wonder where else a crazed, compulsive fangirl could search for such information? To the Google-mobile, Batman!
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